“We Don’t Have Television”

The first round of the NHL and NBA playoffs has been outstanding this year. There have been close games, dramatic turns, and amazing athleticism. It’s been a great season for sports.

It’s also been a terrible season for my waistline.

My wonderful wife and I don’t have television, which means that we usually go out to a pub to watch sports. Usually, there’s only one game a week that we’d like to see, but the first round of playoffs in the NHL and the NBA has been especially exciting. So I’ve been finding excuses to sneak out on my bicycle more than once a week.

The only downside of watching sports at a pub is chicken wings.

I love chicken wings.

My waist does not.

(My monthly budget isn’t thrilled by them, either.)

I suppose if we had TV, we wouldn’t go out for chicken wings anymore, and perhaps I’d lose weight more quickly as a result. Still, I don’t think that my wife and I are going to buy a cable or satellite television package, much to our content providers’ irritation.

I know people that say “we don’t watch television” often come across as smug. I’m sorry, but it really is fun to watch people’s reactions to this statement. Most people think my wife and I are lying. When they realize that we’re telling the truth, they are often baffled.

Once people have digested this information, they’ll often resort to this final question:

“But what do you do?”

There’s a hopelessness in this question that recalls for me Winston’s shock that televisions in George Orwell’s 1984 can be turned off. However, it’s not difficult to live without television, and as more content is transmitted over the Internet, it becomes increasingly convenient to simply go without TV.

My wife and I have both lived in countries that provide very little English language content, and I have lived in public parks that offered no television service at all. Even if TV Guide ruled your life for years, it doesn’t take long to find new things to do. Remember, people lived for thousands of years without television.

There are options.

For example, in April, the trees are turning green and the evenings are lengthening. Birds are singing.

Why not ride your bicycle?

To the pub.

Where you can eat chicken wings and watch playoff TV.


2 Responses to ““We Don’t Have Television””

  1. savagenewmother Says:

    buy and make your own chicken wings = healthier and go online and find a site that stream the games live ;)

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