Outlet Malls, Population Density, and a Loud Wife

I decided to give shopping with my wonderful wife another shot. This time, we went to an outlet mall. Outlet malls are pretty cool because they sell somewhat expensive clothing at a discount in order to clear stock and make room for the new season.

My wife was very excited that we were going shopping.

I think I did OK. I snagged a decent sport coat from Banana Republic and lightweight sweaters from Kenneth Cole and Nautica. I easily saved 50% of what I would have paid if I would have bought these “spring” fashions in January.

If the advantage of outlet mall shopping is price, the disadvantage is population density. If you want to see the challenges population density poses, go to an outlet mall. There’s a line for everything, ranging from the men’s washroom to the cashier to the lane that leaves the parking lot.

Most people would probably assume that the worst thing about the number of people crammed into a mall would be the hectic pace. Everybody is trying to buy the last jacket or the last sweater — even when the jackets and sweaters are well stocked. It is a little hectic, but that wasn’t the worst part of the day.

The worst part of the day came while showing my wife a belt that I was thinking of buying.

You think you can fit a 34 inch belt!? See if there’s a bigger one.”

I don’t blush very often.

But when so many people in such a small store are looking at your waist…

And for the record, I can very comfortably wear a 34 inch belt.


One Response to “Outlet Malls, Population Density, and a Loud Wife”

  1. Oh goodness. Sometimes I think married people need to have zippers installed on their lips. Some of things I’ve said to my husband while shopping would be much better left unsaid.

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