What “In The Zone” Means For Me

I’ve read a lot of tips for how to make fitness a consistently high priority.

Here’s another one.

For me, running with my friends (who were also my coworkers) was a great help when getting started. Now, a big part of fitness is about being “in the zone.”

When people say “don’t sweat the little things,” they are suggesting that pretty much everything we worry about is minor. To be honest, I find this sort of thinking suspicious.

“Don’t worry about your health.”

“Bring me three pizzas.”

It isn’t going to take long before reality demands that we sweat over those pizzas.

Still, there is something to be said for focus and distraction, and many of the things that we focus on do distract us from what really matters.

For me, being in the zone means reaching a point where failure is something I can learn from rather than sweat over. I can have a terrible day at work or in my personal life, but if I run, swim, or cycle hard, I might be able to shed that weight and figure out how to solve a problem — or realize that I didn’t have a problem in the first place.

Sometimes it takes a while to reach, but the longer I’m in the zone, the better I’ll feel about just about everything.

And the more fit you are, the longer you can stay in the zone.

So get out your sneakers.


2 Responses to “What “In The Zone” Means For Me”

  1. I started jogging a couple years ago. I always feel a lot better on days when I jog. The trick is finding time to jog!

    • Dilbert writer Scott Adams suggests that people that pay close attention to their exercise will find the same thing that you have. So he argues that people should just ask themselves “do I want to be happy today” rather than “should I exercise today.”

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