Resisting the Urge to Spend

I blogged recently that I need to find an expensive hobby so that I can keep up with my wife’s shopping. I may have found it.


What a great time of year to feel a craving to buy a jacket.

How did this happen?

Growing up, I focused mostly on being warm. Function over fashion. Perhaps to a fault. I wore the same jacket for spring / fall weather throughout high school and university, and I wore the same winter jacket for even longer. When I left Canada, I moved to Hong Kong, so I left my winter wardrobe behind. (And when I returned there last winter, my parents had lost my beloved coats). So when I became a live-in husband, I already had a decent amount of formal wear, including some tailored suits, shirts and slacks, but no outerwear.

Suddenly, I needed to think about buying a coat for the first time since high school.

I don’t know why, but one of the easiest ways to integrate into American culture has been through fashion. When I first moved here, I bought a pea coat, which I think is a pretty standard Northeastern tradition. I also bought a very nice three button wool topcoat to wear to work and other formal occasions. My wife told me that it rains a lot here during spring, so I recently picked up a serviceable used khaki raincoat to take the place of my topcoat.

Now I’m looking for a blazer to dress up jeans and a button-down. The Strokes just released a new album, so I’m always thinking about buying a leather jacket.

And while shopping, I also came across this winter coat and this car coat.

It doesn’t seem like I’m far away from spending all of my money on fall and winter clothing in spring.

It occurs to me that I have a problem.

So now I’m trying to resist the urge to shop.

You’d think this would be easy, but it’s not.

My first approach was to ask my wonderful wife for advice.

“You’re asking me for advice on how not to buy clothing?”

Good point.

At the moment, I’ve found the most effective method of resisting this urge to buy has been to simply find something else that I’d like to buy and then research it instead.

The downfall is that the list of things that I’d like to buy is growing…

And the longer I wait, the more reasons I come up with to buy another coat.


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