No One Ever Expects to Wake Up To Trimming Nose Hair

It’s difficult to walk away from history class without getting the impression that all changes can be tracked. Looking back, I can clearly see how I changed from the sort of person that would never marry to the sort of person that would. How did I not notice that it was happening at the time?

When we look at the present, we often try to predict the future. I remember reading an Asimov story in which people used miniature nuclear reactors to dispose of their garbage. That’s not really what happened (yet), but I can see how he thought it might. Science fiction if full of such predictions.

When it comes to the experience or realization of change, I think it feels much more chaotic or sudden than we are prepared to realize. Certainly it’s more devastating than we realize.

Take aging, for example.

Now, I knew I was going to lose my hair. My grandfather was chrome-dome bald by 19. My father made it into his 30s. I knew what was coming and kept watch.

Sadly, you can’t pay attention to everything.

So I was shocked to wake up this week and see that there were massive bags under my eyes. Of course, I’ve always had bags under my eyes when I did not get enough sleep. But these ones don’t appear to be going away, even though I’ve been sleeping really well this week.

In terms of appearance, I just aged like five years over the course of a day.

Moments like these are a real wake-up call for me — I suppose that they are for everyone.

What’s next?

  • Trimming nose hair?
  • Plucking ear hair?

2 Responses to “No One Ever Expects to Wake Up To Trimming Nose Hair”

  1. To answer your question, yes, that’s next. Also, sore knees.

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