How I Came to Enjoy the UFC

They say that kids are programmed to repeat what they see. That’s why we should try to limit their exposure to violence, especially the sort of violence that comes without consequences.

I recently decided that it’s OK for me to watch the UFC.

I’m an obstinate adult.

When people watch the UFC, they often recall Rome’s gladiators and its bloodthirsty mob. At times, I’ll admit that MMA fans seem very keen on the vicarious experience of violence. And the league just as often portrays its athletes as gladiators. So I would have been perfectly content to read about the immorality of MMA, obstinate adult that I am, until my brother in law started getting us to watch UFC with him. Now, I’m struck by how many of these fighters hug each other at the end of their fights.

Don’t tell my librarian, but I’ve come to feel that watching sports is a lot like reading literature. Watching an MMA match feels a lot like reading Jon Krakauer’s descriptions of mountain climbing.


Dig deep.


So I guess you could say that I used to be a skeptic and am now a fan.

What’s strange about this is that I simply opened myself up to the idea that MMA was a sport, rather than a sort of vicariously sadistic experience. Before long, a friend of mine was telling me what Muay Thai meant to him, and I found myself watching UFC.

Come to think of it, I went through a similar process before I got married. First, I simply opened myself up to the idea that marriage was OK, and suddenly I found myself married.

Thank goodness I’m not an impressionable kid.


2 Responses to “How I Came to Enjoy the UFC”

  1. OK, before I say this, please know I’m not a troll. I’m not posting this to provoke a reaction or get people riled up. I’m just saying this:

    BattleBots > UFC.

    Certainly, you’d have to agree that contestants on BattleBots were slightly more likely to lose a limb than are those on UFC.

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