We Can Do [Spring Cleaning]!

The most expensive thing I own is a MacBook, and it’s nearly three years old, which I feel is pretty old in laptop years. I take good care of my Mac, but it doesn’t really need much maintenance.

Thank goodness.

Sadly, moving to be with my wife has meant moving to live in a house. I may be wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling that living in a house is part of advancing to the middle class for North Americans. It’s supposed to be an important step.

Sometimes, I miss my apartment.

Sometimes, I dream about still being able to get from my bed to the kitchen in ten steps.

I can take care of a MacBook, but am I really cut out to be a “home owner?” A house and yard is a lot of hassle. So far, I don’t mind mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. I’m getting used to the cats and dogs.

Spring is upon us, and it brings spring cleaning.

If I can cut corners, I often will. Sadly, no matter how hard I try, I can’t think of an easy way to dust the tops of our cupboards and beneath our furniture. It’s a dirty, messy job and someone’s got to do it.

Here’s the thing about husbands: sometimes you have to “man up.”

When the cats ask, I will inform them that “We Can Do It!


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