The Junk Room: The Perfect Place For Your Breadmaker

My wonderful wife tells me I’m cheap.

She’s right.

I am certainly willing to spend money on things once I see the value in having them, but it’s pretty tough to convince me that I need something that I’m managing without.

Still, I’ll be the first to admit that there are things that I was reluctant to buy but now enjoy having, including rugs and our recliner. Also, once I decide that I want to buy something, it’s pretty tough to talk me out of it.

Regardless, in our house there are definitely things that we do have but don’t need.

So I’ve created a junk room.

A junk room is like a filter or a way station. By using a junk room, a clever husband can rid himself of a great deal of his wife’s least useful possessions without going through the time-consuming process of nagging and negotiating with his wife about her useless possessions.

When I was single, I didn’t need a junk room.

I had a rubbish bin.

And a committee of one.

Now, I have a room dedicated to junk, by which I mean “things that my wife owns but doesn’t use — and has yet to notice are missing.”

The room itself had to be chosen with care, or else my wonderful wife would begin to wonder why she can see the floors and counters of our house. I chose the attic because no one likes climbing up stairs, it’s cold, and it’s naturally cluttered.

I’ve been getting ready for spring cleaning, so you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I’ve been making detailed plans for the junk room.

What should stay in the junk room?

What can I get away with getting rid of entirely?

What’s ready to move to the junk room?

I am happy to report that I successfully moved the bread maker into the junk room last weekend.

Now, I’m not saying that a bread maker is useless, but we could not have used it less since I moved in.

We don’t have any flour.

And we do have an oven.

So why the bread maker?

Still, it seems like a waste to just toss out a perfectly fine bread maker, which is why I was so pleased to learn that my sister-in-law’s birthday is coming up.

Something tells me she is genetically inclined to appreciate owning a bread maker…


4 Responses to “The Junk Room: The Perfect Place For Your Breadmaker”

  1. Oh good grief. Once again, you are describing my life! My husband and your wife are so much alike it’s spooky. And you’re description of how you are trying to handle it are just like mine. Too weird. Was cleaning out a file cabinet this morning and found a picture of my old pre-husband condo for sale pictures. Yes, you could see counter tops and the top of the mantle. It’s not my imagination.

  2. How about putting BBC in the junk room while he takes a time out from eating?

    • We used to do exactly that, actually. He didn’t get along with the other cats and he was especially scared of the dogs. We eventually decided that it was cruel to keep him locked up. Now, it just seems like less effort to feed the other cats in their own room.

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