You Can Roll Your Eyes All Day (But I Know You Love Me)

My wife and I don’t watch TV now (except for DVDs of Law & Order), but my family watched a lot of TV while I was growing up, including:

Home Improvement.

The Cosby Show.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Looking back, these shows were more than entertainment. They taught me how to live.

It sounds ridiculous, but I think many adults today were raised on TV. And why not? In those days, every family sitcom ended with a strong moral about how to live correctly. If you wanted your children to grow up intelligent, then they could watch Star Trek: The Next Generation once a week. However, the lion’s share of my living room education was prime time sitcoms. More often than not, the husband in these shows would build a “man’s bathroom” or come up with a crazy scheme to get out of taking out the garbage. The wife would sigh and she’d give a loving look that seemed to exasperatedly suggest “why did I ever sign up for this?” But no matter how crazy things got, they always worked out for the best. The ideal American family.

Sadly, life is not a sitcom. I know that.


But growing up, I faced a constant bombardment of sitcom endings. I still deal with these preconceptions on a daily basis.

For example, I sometimes find myself wondering whether I’m doing enough weird things to keep my wife on her toes.

Does she roll her eyes at me enough?

Does she sigh enough?

Does she feel like she’s the smart one?

I’m sure some will think I’m crazy, but I’m reasonably confident that most women love their husbands the most when their husbands are doing stupid things. Whether we get lost on the way to the grocery store, have conspiracy theories to explain every government action, or nearly hurl when we eat lobster, I suspect that every man plays the clown sometimes and every woman rolls her eyes.

“Why did I sign up for this?”

When my wife rolls her eyes at me, I like to tell her about my latest conspiracy theories about how the cats are ruining my life.


4 Responses to “You Can Roll Your Eyes All Day (But I Know You Love Me)”

  1. Hey! Getting lost in the grocery is my trick :) I’m sure your wife loves despite the eyerolls. But if you start to hear canned laughter I would worry.

  2. Awesome!

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