Super Bowl Sunday

After the Jets lost, I posted that I would still try to get Super Bowl Fever.

I’m not sure that I got “fever,” but I enjoyed the Super Bowl more than I would have expected. At first, it seemed like any given Sunday: weight routine, yoga, family lunch, lazy afternoon…

But then the commercials started.

I don’t think I ever realized that commercials are funny. I suppose their format forces us to hate them. However, it was difficult to resist most of these ads when seeing them for the first time. I don’t think I’m going to go out and buy a Pepsi or a bag of Doritos, but both brands effectively relied on violence to produce humor.

Maybe they should use the people that produced these commercials to promote the Super Bowl next year.

How great were the commercials?

I hate to say it, but the only time I used the washroom was during field goal attempts.

The halftime show was pretty awful. Every year, the producers must struggle to choose whether to please their old fans, their young fans, or whether to book an act that will attract a younger audience for the future. This year, they chose BEP. Ten year olds everywhere will now no doubt be hooked on football when they grow up. For me, it was awful.

Maybe next year the halftime show will air more commercials…

There was also a game.

Over the last two weeks, I tried to muster up some support for the Steelers since Pittsburgh is closer to me than Green Bay. However, the second Mendenhall broke through on the right, just like he did against the Jets, I found myself hoping the Steelers would lose. Cheering out of spite probably makes me a bad sport. I’m sorry.

But way to go, Packers!

Regardless of who fans cheered for, it was a good game. The Pack was ahead throughout but the Steelers made it a close game.

Afterward, I told my wife that this was the first Super Bowl Sunday we spent together, but I don’t think she appreciated the moment.


2 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Well, considering how Brent Farve (absolutely on purpose there) treated both the Jets and the Packers, I think you’re entitled to root on the Pack. Being from Motown, I’m a Lions fan first and foremost, but it was super exciting living a half hour from Green Bay last night. Fireworks were going off, you could hear celebrations outside, and today.. the kids get out of school to welcome the Pack home.

    I was just happy it was a great game!

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