Rinsing Dishes, Brushing Teeth, and Mental Decline

My beautiful wife is a little older than I am.

(If my hair continues to fall out at its current rate, it won’t be long before I look much older than she does.)

Sometimes I tease her about her “wise years,” but I’ve recently come up with a new way to take advantage of this dynamic.

My wife never remembers to rinse the dishes, probably because she grew up that way. They say smoking is one of the toughest habits to drop, but I’m beginning to think that the things we learn during our childhood are the most difficult things to change about ourselves. My wife never learned to rinse dishes, which probably wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t my job now to wash the dishes. However, washing dishes is my job, and dried food is gross and difficult to scrub. Worse, coffee rings stain coffee mugs.

(Why must they make all dishes white?)

Normally, I just follow my wife around the house and take her coffee mugs to the sink when she appears to have forgotten about them. However, I’m only one husband.

To save our dishes and to save myself a lot of scrubbing, I’ve been trying to help my wife to overcome her upbringing.

In fairness to my wonderful wife, it should be noted that we all have these shortcomings. For example, during my last cleaning, my dentist told me that I shouldn’t brush so hard because it can cause my gums to retreat. To be honest, when I brush, I am on “autopilot,” which means “scrubbing plaque like hell.” It has been a difficult habit to break.

But perhaps it’s worthwhile.

My yoga teacher tells our class that we should try brushing with our non-dominant hand to keep our brain healthy. I suppose that the implication is that thinking about things that we usually don’t think about can be good for the brain.

Who knows why a yoga instructor would say this?

Who knows whether it’s true?

Who cares?

I value statements like these because they allow me to avoid nagging my wife to rinse the dishes.

Instead, I can lovingly suggest that rinsing dishes will help to slow her mental decline.


2 Responses to “Rinsing Dishes, Brushing Teeth, and Mental Decline”

  1. Treading on thin water there mister! Calling her old and with mental decline!!!

    (Totally joking, and I think it’s cute how you justify these things. I often remind my single friends when I’m telling them of my marriage trials that loving a person isn’t knowing all their great qualities; It’s more about being the only person that can tolerate their less desirable issues.)

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