Household Contributions and Separate Vacations

What do you contribute to your marriage and your household?

My wonderful wife and I are about to find out.

Having recently received my green card, I can now leave the country to visit my family without jeopardizing my expensive application. So I am going to see my family this week and I am leaving my wife behind. (She likes my family, but she has to work.)

As I pack my suitcase, I find myself hoping that things will fall apart while I’m away — not quite to post-apocalyptic society levels, but it would be OK to return to find out that the cats were out of control and the dishes were not cleaned until — ideally — the day before I return. The laundry would not get done and the groceries would not be bought. Is it too much to hope that my wife will feel utterly and completely lonely while I’m gone?

I don’t think so.

My wife is already crowing that she can’t wait to have the entire bed to herself.

It’s not very reassuring.

On the other hand, if I’m hoping for a post-apocalyptic household, I’m really going to have to do more chores when I return. The worst will be the clogged drain, if I’m lucky.

So I hope she has a wonderful week.

There are couples that go on separate vacations. It may sound hypocritical as I prepare to leave (weather permitting) for one week, but I am not really a fan of the “separate vacations” idea. I’ve heard that many couples swear by this time apart as a way to rejuvenate the relationship, but I think I’m still too young my marriage to enjoy being away from my wife. And to be honest, I don’t really view this week as a vacation anyway. My family lives in Canada — no fewer than twenty degrees Celsius colder than it is here — so by the time I return from my visit to see my family, I doubt that I will have changed my mind.

What do you predict would happen if you left your partner alone for one week?


4 Responses to “Household Contributions and Separate Vacations”

  1. The past few summers, Sweetie’s taken the kids and visited her folks for a week. Honestly, I get more chores done around the house in that week than I do the rest of the year. Your mileage may vary.

    • There’s definitely something to be said for the number of chores I can get done while my wife’s away for the day. I’m not sure the same rule applies to her while I’m away.

  2. We don’t do separate vacations. The few times that I can remember my wife being away for a week at a time, I enjoyed the first few days, got some things done, watched movies that she wouldn’t like…then got bored. I’m not so certain that I’ve ever left her alone. I know that she generally has a harder time being on her own than me, but it would probably be a good experience.

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