Crackpot Letter Writing: A New Hobby?

This morning, my wife sent me an email to contact our elected representative asking her not to support a bill that would require cyclists to register their bicycles. I’m not that into cycling, but I did think the regulations were uncalled for. So this morning, I wrote to an elected official.

The FBI hasn’t come after me (yet).

To be honest, I felt like a crackpot writing to my elected representative and I don’t think for a second that my writing her a letter will change her mind about bicycle registration. However, it also felt good to participate in the process of governing, even if only in the role of the letter-writing crackpot.

So I’m thinking about taking up crackpot letter writing, perhaps more respectfully termed “active citizenship.” Done regularly, would this be considered a hobby?


8 Responses to “Crackpot Letter Writing: A New Hobby?”

  1. What purpose would that serve? (Not saying that bikes shouldn’t be registered… but other than collecting fees from the people who don’t routinely steal bikes, what benefit is there?)

    I like reading your blogs. Perhaps the elected representative will enjoy your words also. Good luck!

    • She said that some of the senior citizens in her district had been terrorized by children riding bicycles. News has since been released that the proposal has been rejected, but although she has agreed to drop the move to regulate bicycles, she wonders when we’ll open our eyes to the plight of our senior citizens.

  2. Crackpot letters to the rich and powerful could be your new website!

    Don Novello, who played Father Guido Sarducci on SNL back in the day, published 2 books of crackpot letters to corporations and elected officials from Lazlo Toth (American). The best of the letters were slyly offensive, and, often as not, they’d send him these really courteous, serious replies, complete with coupons or signed photos. Classic.

  3. I have no helpful suggestions for crackpot letter writing, but I did really enjoy reading your post. I must mention a peculiar coincidence though – last month I wrote my first crackpot letter to my new mayor (he’s an idiot by the way) about his rejection of all things good…in particular the public transit and Bike Lanes! So I’m with you brother.

  4. For a real positive experience, consider adopting a pseudonym. Is “Irving” taken?

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