The Most Difficult New Year’s Resolution

Just as we obsessed over our weight at Thanksgiving and the sales of Black Friday, the time has come to devote a day to our goals. Is it too early to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

I think this year, I should try harder to like my wife’s cats. I’m going to start with Nia.

Nia, born in Namibia, spent her middle years in Hong Kong before retiring to the United States of America. She’s well traveled, but she’s not the sort that likes to lord it over people. Instead, she has a sort of personality that suggests she’s seen a thing or two and is grateful for her retirement now. Yes, she’s quite sophisticated.

Here’s what I like about Nia:

  1. She’s loyal. Nia sleeps on the recliner with me while I read. No matter what the circumstance — science fiction, literary fiction, or non-fiction — Nia will be there to snooze through every chapter.
  2. She’s forgiving. Nia doesn’t mind if I get up. She just falls back asleep. But she’s always happy to see me return.

What a fantastic cat.

The other cats still only see me as a means to an end. The worst of them is our cat BBC (Big Black Cat). When BBC looks at me, it’s because he wants food. Basically, BBC is a food-crazed monster. I’ve seen him eat cardboard, plastic, and dog food. Not to mention he steals the other cats’ food because he’s the biggest. What a selfish bully.

And don’t get me started with our other two cats: Mr. Breaks Everything and Ms. Hates Everything.

But I am resolved to try to accept them this year.


4 Responses to “The Most Difficult New Year’s Resolution”

  1. My wife had a cat when we first started going on. Orneriest pet I’d ever met. We found him a new home when Thing 1 came along.

  2. this cracks me up. Love the names you’ve given them. I’m in love with our cats, (Mario and Luigi- named from the shelter, I swear!) BUT I spent the entire holiday justifying not throwing my mother’s new cat (Bowser- the kids named him) out in a damned snow bank.) He scratches and bites, playfully, but still ridiculously hard. When all else fails, learn to like squirting them with water bottles. Great post! Thanks for the laugh!

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