Holiday Update

I swore not to give my wife jewelry for Christmas this year and it looks like I’m going to get away with it.

However, my wife is one of those that has a birthday at the start of January. So although she seems to be really grateful and enthusiastic about her gift, she may be secretly waiting for a birthday bauble. Thankfully, my mom likes to give my wife earrings and other shiny things, so perhaps I’m off the hook.

As for me, I did receive one of the gifts that I predicted: the Kindle.

Our tree is still standing. Although the cats have yet to knock it over, I suspect that they’re still scheming.

Happy Holidays!


4 Responses to “Holiday Update”

  1. I love books, but I am really tempted to get a Kindle. When I travel, sometimes I’ll download sample chapters and public domain books for the Kindle app on my iPhone. It’s hard not to like the instant gratification of downloading a whole book in seconds for less than you’d pay at a store.

    • That instant gratification is definitely a plus. So is the light weight and portability. My only complaint about the Kindle is that it’s not a complete product, somehow. I often want to use the screen like a touch screen. I’ve tried to write on it several times — no go. But it’s otherwise good. It also takes up less space in my house and in my carry on. Still, sometimes I really love having a book that has a nice weight or a beautiful cover — the copy of Fahrenheit 451 with the burning man on the cover comes to mind.

  2. Ryan, You were kind enough to comment on my post 8 Tips To Surviving Your Dysfunctional Family During The Holiday. I just wanted to circle back around and see how your holidays went. Thanks, Brian

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