Alarming Disloyalty

No matter what happens, it’s reassuring to know that in a marriage, you will always have someone to rely on. I have very little fashion sense, so I need help picking a wardrobe. That’s why, when I go shopping, I take my loyal wife along. She is a highly fashionable person, and a great fan of telling me what to do.

With jackets purchased, my wife and I recently went shopping for a scarf. We live perhaps three blocks from a department store, so we stopped there. A wonderful woman, my wife picked out four scarves for me to try with my coat. She said that I could have whichever scarf I thought looked the best.

Unfortunately, there are no mirrors in this store. And I didn’t just give it a man look.

My wife couldn’t find a mirror either.

Yes, I had to enter the changing room area and then find a room to try on a scarf.

In this store, every time you enter or exit a changing room, an ALARM! will sound. I found a changing area and entered.


Unfortunately, there was a line of one and I didn’t realize it. Quite nonchalantly, I tried to open the dressing room doors, only to discover that they were all taken. Only then, a guy bothered to say “There’s a line.”

How embarrassing!

So, blushing, I had to exit the changing room area — ALARM! — and then get in line.

How! Embarrassing!

Fortunately, in times of disgrace, a man can always turn to his wife to find reassurance that he isn’t a total dork.

And this is when I learned something about my wife.

She had fled to the other side of the store.

How alarming.


5 Responses to “Alarming Disloyalty”

  1. Funniest story ever!

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