Movember Casualties: What have you done to your face!

Movember is over.

Thank goodness.

When it comes to growing a mustache, I’m not a very impressive husband. Good cause or no, I shaved clean as soon as I could.

“What a weirdo.”

That’s what I thought when I looked in the mirror.

As awful as I looked with a mustache, my face looks even worse without decoration. It doesn’t help that I buzz my treacherous hair low, either. So, yes, you could say that I was feeling pretty self conscious looking at all that face. It was mine, no matter how hard I tried to deny it.

Thankfully, one reassuring thing about being married is that you can always say “at least my wife still loves me and thinks I’m handsome” when you feel self conscious about your appearance.

I said that at least a dozen times before my wife got home.


That’s what my wife said when she came home.

I bet Charlie Brown went through times like these as well.


2 Responses to “Movember Casualties: What have you done to your face!”

  1. Oh my… lol. The facial hair is such a double edged sword in my house. My hubby once shaved his beard (and I do mean ONCE in over 8 years) and I came home to my boys hiding from him under the table crying because they didn’t recognize him. And I felt like a pedophile, because he looked like a 12 year old boy… but, if I could keep my eyes close, his kisses were much softer. (Though I felt like I was cheating because there was no bristle brush feeling against my face like usual before I get my kisses.) I have never let him shave again, despite really missing soft kisses.

    Not sure how any of this helps you. I think…. do whatever it takes to get your wive’s best kisses?

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