Books in the Pantry Closet

My wonderful wife hates when I rearrange things in our house, which is unfortunate because I have a pretty good eye for organizing our possessions so that they take up less space.

I feel like this blog has outlined quite a few of my failed attempts to impress my wonderful wife.

Today, I bring a success story.

My wife and I have many books. Many.

And we usually just have them stacked in piles on the floor.

Until last week, we had a pantry sans door that my wife’s cats were using as a jungle gym.

Now, the cats are without a jungle gym, but our floor is covered by fewer books.

I even took a photo.

Pantry Books

If you look closely, you'll find Bob Dylan's memoir and the documentary, Don't Look Back.

When my wife got home, she loved this book pantry.

Unfortunately, she hated everything else that I did to the house.


2 Responses to “Books in the Pantry Closet”

  1. Yay! I think it looks great! BTW- downloaded a tad of Bob Dylan today, and my Mp3 has happened upon his version of Tambourine Man… not bad!

    • Thanks Mel. The cleaning of shelves and moving of books actually took quite a while, so I’m glad that they’re getting such popular acclaim.

      “Tambourine Man” is a great song and it is also from one of Dylan’s best albums, “Bringing It All Back Home.” In my not-so-humble opinion, Dylan is the best interpreter of his songs. I hope you continue your Dylan pilgrimage. : )

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