Six Ways To Avoid the Commercialization of Christmas Blues

My wonderful wife says that she finds Christmas too commercial.

Perhaps it is, but I still enjoy the season.

Actually, I’m more irritated by the parade of journalists endlessly speculating how much retailers are taking in this year.

“How many Christmas trees have been sold this year? Find out at six o’clock!”

I will not be tuning in at six, but I do love Christmas trees.

Enough to cut them down and put them in my house…

In fact, alongside a few Christmas carols (my favorites are from Charlie Brown and Bob Dylan), holiday cheer, and presents, Christmas trees are my favorite thing about the holiday season.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I’m going to get permission to erect a dying evergreen in the living room this year. It’s going to shed needles, and my wife already has two shedding dogs, four shedding cats, and one balding husband.

And the cats eat plants…

So here’s the deal.

Three solutions for you if you find Christmas too commercial:

  1. Don’t go to the mall.
  2. Ignore televised news.
  3. Turn off the radio.

And if you’re overwhelmed by wreaths, try these:

  1. Listen to Charlie Brown.
  2. Throw a snow ball at your wife’s cat.
  3. Ask your friends out for a drink.

Now you help me.

I’m not interested in hanging a pine scented air freshener in the corner of the living room.

So tell me:

  1. How did you convince your wife to let you get a Christmas tree?
  2. How did you stop your wife’s cat from eating your Christmas tree?

2 Responses to “Six Ways To Avoid the Commercialization of Christmas Blues”

  1. First of all, although probably not as you intended, I opened up Charlie Brown and Simon’s Cat in new tabs and watched Simon’s Cat while listening to the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I really recommend it.
    Re: your tree quandary, I would buy a fake tree. It doesn’t have the same smell, but you could hang the air freshener in the back of the tree where no one sees it as an ornament. Plus you don’t have to spend $100 every year for a fresh tree.

    • This is not the advice that I was hoping for…

      I’ll admit, though, that my marrying my wife came with not one, but two!, artificial Christmas trees.

      And that Charlie Brown/ cat idea is solid. I wish it had been intended…

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