The Man Look and The Grateful Grocery List

When my wife is cooking, she gets irritated when she asks me to grab something out of the fridge.

I can’t find anything but sandwich materials in our fridge, but my wonderful wife can find everything in the fridge, probably including a gateway to Narnia.

My wonderful wife says the difference between us is that I look for things using the “Man Look.”

“Grab the fish. It’s in the back, so you can’t just give it a MAN LOOK.”

For this reason, my wife hates it when I go grocery shopping, alone or with her. She feels that I’ll give everything a “man look” and miss all the best deals.

As always, my wife is probably right.

So my wife prefers to go grocery shopping alone, which is perfectly fine with me. But I do mind when she resents having to buy us groceries. Example?

“What did you do today? I had to go buy groceries and you’ve just been sitting here!”

(I mowed the lawn…)

My wonderful wife is especially prone to this mood if the traffic is bad, which I understand. Still, I find questions like “What did you do today?” very irritating.

I decided to take action.

Drawing from our stack of extra “Thank You” cards left over from our surprise wedding reception, I made my wife a special grocery list this week.

Thanks to my phone, I can document these cards for readers.

"Thank You: For Getting Food"

"Grateful Husband" and Grocery List

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can’t help but worry for those husbands that are less culinarily inspired than their wives (or vice versa).

Have you considered a thank you card?


2 Responses to “The Man Look and The Grateful Grocery List”

  1. How did she respond to the ‘thank you’ card? That was a sweet idea.

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