Is Online Shopping Saving Marriages?

I have to wonder how many marriages have been saved by online shopping.

Recently, my wife and I went to the mall. I had to buy a new battery for my Mac and she said she’d buy something while she was waiting for me. Quite foolishly, I felt like this would be an “in and out” shopping experience, so I didn’t bring a book or my intelligent phone for sudoku.

I’m afraid there’s no way to say this but to just say it:

It took me five minutes to buy my battery.

It took my wife one hour to buy a sweater.

That’s not a very good ratio.

What do you do while waiting for your shopping wife?


I went to the bathroom, had a coffee, toured the Lego store, tried in vain to find a book store, compared prices at other coffee shops to see if I’d been had, looked through three men’s clothing stores, recycled a coffee cup, and compared the speed of the escalators (the maintenance crew at this mall runs a tight ship).

I also sat on a bench outside a women’s clothing store for twenty minutes…

When my wife finished with her sweater, I was a little angry. I tried to keep my cool, but my highly perceptive wife could tell I was about to blow my top.

Always the sensitive one, she said:

“What? You bought something and I bought something.”

Our marriage didn’t end that day, but I bet we would have been happier if we’d shopped online.


4 Responses to “Is Online Shopping Saving Marriages?”

  1. You need to find your wife a shopping buddy.

  2. real-life-fantasy Says:

    Men are rubbish to shop with. You want advice on an outfit and all you usually get is some vague murmuring in return. My husband, however, can’t seem to buy any form of clothing without having to gain my opinion!

    Online purchases never fit. Great for groceries, a pain in the arse for clothes.

    Happy shopping!

    • Online shopping can definitely be tricky, though I think it’s possible to get a sense of what size you need if you follow a specific brand. If your husband is like me, then he probably dislikes coming home to a blank “why did you buy THAT?!” stare.

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