Superman, Insecurity, and Movember

To some extent, we are defined by our weaknesses.

Why makes Superman a “super” man is that only kryptonite can keep him from being super. Lots of things keep me from being super — and most of them come either from my own insecurities or my lack of determination (and this lack of resolve is often derived from an insecurity).

I hate to say it, but a great deal of what we consider “masculine” is defined by our insecurities. Every time I hear a man say “that’s not masculine,” I hear an insecurity.

It seems to me that true strength comes from facing rather than burying our insecurities.

And if there’s any part of the male anatomy likely to lead to male insecurity…

This is a post about Movember, a month that raises awareness of “male” diseases like prostate cancer.

November/ Movember is a month where we can ask questions like “How old should be you be before you start going to the doctor for checkups?

Put “mustache” and “November” together and you get Movember.

I’ve been trying to grow a mustache all month and nothing’s happening. I feel pretty insecure.

Lousy genes!

But I’m not giving up.

If this guy can grow a mustache, so can I.


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