Impress Your Wife: Triathlon 2

After nearly a year of wedded bliss, I can’t help worrying that my wife will start mentally categorizing me alongside used soap, the recycling, and cat litter. So I’ve been thinking of ways to impress my wife.

I tried to run a triathlon to impress my wife.

This is how my indoor triathlon turned out.

Swimming as fast as you can and then padding out of the pool area is a good way to break your face on the floor. I was dizzy. Thankfully, I made it to the shower without falling.

Indoor cycling was next. Unless you’re in a spinning class listening to catchy tunes and a yelling instructor, indoor cycling is incredibly boring.

Running was no problem.

Was my wife impressed?

Sort of. She’s been trying to get me into these triathlons lately, so I know she appreciates the effort.

But … and this may be my own fault … after I finished cycling, my glutes were killing me, which is another way of saying that your ass hurts.

And of course that’s the first thing I said to my wife when she asked how my indoor triathlon went.


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