Impress Your Wife: Triathlon 1

After nearly a year of wedded bliss, I can’t help worrying that my wife will start mentally categorizing me alongside used soap, the recycling, and cat litter. So I’ve been thinking of ways to impress my wife.

My wife has been really into triathlons this year. She entered three triathlons last summer.

Our gym has a pool stationary bikes, and treadmills, so I decided to host a little triathlon of my own. My wife informed me that a sprint distance is:

Swim: 400 meters / Cycle: 12 miles / Run: 5 kilometers

My times were:

8 minutes / 40 minutes / 28 minutes

It was an indoor triathlon, so my swimming transition (10 minutes) was long because I showered. My second transition was fast (<2 minutes).

Did it work?

Feel free to predict in the comments.


2 Responses to “Impress Your Wife: Triathlon 1”

  1. Your wife seems difficult to impress. If your times blew hers out of the water, then maybe…
    Which part was the most difficult?

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