“Spock is cuter” or Things My Wife Says

Whether we call ourselves geeks or nerds, I think there are certain truths that we all hold to be self-evident. For example, The Empire Strikes Back is the best film in the Star Wars trilogies.

That’s just true.

Saying you like Return of the Jedi better is like admitting that you’re a padawan learner. The Force is with you, but you are not a Nerd yet.

And you like ewoks.

A couple guideposts I wish I’d given my wife before we married:

John > Paul

Batman > Superman

Bob Dylan > Everything

Now that I’m not only married but also a live-in husband, I’m beginning to realize that I should stop asking my wife about where she stands on these important issues. Why?

“Who are John and Paul? Do you mean the guys in the Bible?”

A dagger! In my heart!

Unfortunately, I think we are raised to expect to have a great deal in common with our partners.

But not everything.

My wife and I have some commonalities, but she weirds me out on a pretty regular basis.

It took a while, but I convinced my wife to watch Star Wars last spring — now she has seen the trilogies perhaps half as many times as I have. So she’s doing OK, but her favorites are Episodes VI and III.

How do you sleep next to someone that says that?

Not easily.

In her defense, my wonderful wife recently watched and liked No Direction Home and There Will Be Blood, two films that I think are excellent.

And she laughs at most of my jokes, so she’s OK by me.

But every now and then, she does things that I can’t understand.

Here are a few shockers. Beware:

She doesn’t understand why the cowbell skit from Saturday Night Live is funny. At all. I don’t know what to say to that besides “did you watch it?”

Favorite music? Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20.

She liked the 2009 Star Trek film (one of our first dates), but she thinks Spock is better than Kirk because he’s “cuter.” We’re in training for Wrath of Khan.

My wife is actually pretty adventurous when it comes to exploring geek culture, but I’m not sure that she’ll ever be certified.

Some things you just have to live with.


6 Responses to ““Spock is cuter” or Things My Wife Says”

  1. Very funny. I understand your shock at your wife’s tastes in music – my wife is also a fan of Rob Thomas and some other less than exciting names…to me. You are from a different country and culture than your wife though, as am I – that does play a role. You and I are both males, both from Canada, both into music…and I’m empathetic to your plight, but I don’t think we would work well as a couple. So perhaps differences are a good thing. I enjoy the random surprises most of the time.

  2. This is the best one I’ve read yet! I, too, share your wife’s music preference, though I must admit the SNL cowbell skit may be the best of all time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. “…but she weirds me out on a pretty regular basis.” Isn’t that irony?

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