My Father, Clint Eastwood, and Kings of Leon

My father is the sort of man that leads by actions, not words.

So looking back, it’s easy to remember the advice passed down to me.

Here it is:

“Think before you speak.”

Good advice.

And you would be correct to infer that my big mouth has gotten me into trouble. More than once.

On the other hand, a lot of guys will argue that it’s important to “go with your gut.” Clint Eastwood comes to mind — “let’s not ruin it by thinking.”

I have tended to follow Clint Eastwood’s advice. In fact, I have more than once made drastic, life-changing decisions without thinking about them. Like Qui-Gon Jinn, I’ve taken unusual opportunities with little consideration beyond trusting that the Force would guide me somewhere productive. It’s backfired. It’s paid off.

So I guess I’ve come to the point where I am trying to balance these two contradictory maxims. Perhaps wisdom is knowing when to follow one and not the other.

In my marriage, I am trying to become wise, another way of saying that I put my foot in my mouth on a regular basis. Unfortunately, my wife also doesn’t like it when I argue with her according to a highly thoughtful and carefully articulated method.

Thankfully, I did alright this morning.

I’ve blogged recently about my efforts to get my wife to enjoy Bob Dylan.

This morning, I was playing Youth & Young Manhood, the first album by the now famous Kings of Leon. My wonderful wife said “these guys sound like Bob Dylan.”

Now, I listened for the connection, and I couldn’t hear it.

I was about to say so when suddenly:

I took my father’s advice.

That’s when I said, “how come?”

Husband’s Note:

Advice, carefully applied, can lead to diabolical husbandry.


One Response to “My Father, Clint Eastwood, and Kings of Leon”

  1. Well done.

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