Dream Weddings, Wedding Receptions, and Thank You Cards

I think we often assume that men have no preference when it comes to weddings. As long as it happens, OK.

Well, I did have preferences.

My wife and I got married on a beach in October. I didn’t wear a tie and she didn’t wear a white dress. There were the two of us, the photographer, a fisherman on the beach that we asked to stand witness, and a wedding officiant.

Dream wedding.

My wife and I were living apart when we married and didn’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with guests and all that drama. So we didn’t have a reception. However, when we went to stay with my parents that Christmas, my Mom threw a “Surprise!” reception. In a bar. Sort of tacky, but sort of OK.

If nothing else, it was sincere.

The thing about wedding receptions is that people will give you presents. But in this case, you’re responsible for sending thank you cards.

We received just enough presents that we had to buy two packs of thank you cards.

Now we have a few dozen extra thank you cards.

What would you do with them?


Also, Happy Anniversary, Sweet Heart.


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