Trying To Impress My Wife, and Greatest Hits Albums

My wonderful wife and I will celebrate our first anniversary this month. Knock on wood.

I like to think that I’m an interesting person, but my wife is a pretty tough customer at times. What if I’m getting boring to her?

I’ve been trying to think of some ways that I can impress my wife.

How about a sentimental gesture?

It occurred to me that I could compile a top ten list of the greatest moments in our relationship.

Maybe I could make a scrapbook!

Actually, I’m not sure that it’s right for me. Or us…

For one thing, we have very few photos of our relationship, perhaps because we’ve spent so much time apart.

(My cousin recently married and posted on Facebook that she has 1200 wedding photos. How did they find time to marry? My wife and I have perhaps thirty wedding photos altogether, and there are still only like three that I like good in. Scale that up to 1200, and that’s a lot of ugly photos of me to look at…)

And besides, I’m not a big fan of the greatest hits album anyway.

I have a few greatest hits albums in my library that I appreciate. I have developed an appreciation for the Tea Party thanks to their album Tangents. When it came to the Stones and the Beatles, I was always a Lennon/ McCartney fan. But I’ve nurtured a taste for the Rolling Stones thanks to their album 40 Licks.

Still, if I already own all of the albums by a band and then they release a compilation album with two new songs, do I really need or want to buy it? These compilations always miss at least one great song.

And what about Dylan? So many of his albums are perfect that it feels like a betrayal to listen to some cut & paste cash grab compilation.

Some live albums get around this redundancy. Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York comes to mind, but I don’t see the scrapbook parallel.

Looks like the Greatest Hits scrapbook idea is out.

So I’m still thinking of ways to impress my wife.

Any tips or ideas?


5 Responses to “Trying To Impress My Wife, and Greatest Hits Albums”

  1. I am a fan of cute-sy messages. But if you two aren’t a couple to usually do cute-sy type things, this idea may seem (very) cheesy:
    Get a box and fill it with her favorite things. Take notecards and write various things about your relationship: favorite memory on one, best laugh together, inside jokes. Add in random ones with the ily’s and gushiness. Print a few favorite pics of you two. Anything that makes you think of her, stick in the box. An actual nice present, like jewelry, can be put in as well. :)

  2. Take a pole dancing class…Although, as THE first anniversary gift is paper, you could make her take the class and pay her with $1 notes.

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