Husband’s Note: Always Bring Directions

I think there’s a tradition that the husband is responsible for navigating and getting his family to wherever they are trying to go.

Unfortunately, I get lost in parking lots.

Unfortunately, my wonderful wife’s not so great with maps and directions, either.

Still, I moved to be with her, so if our marriage was the Millennium Falcon, she would be the navigational computer.

I try my best to be like Obi-Wan Kenobi, pointing out moons and things that aren’t moons. Last weekend, I learned that I should be R2, save the day behind the scenes, D2.

I ran in the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research. It took place in Central Park and I ran 5K in 25 minutes, which is a decent time for me. I’m glad I ran. After, a New Yorker asked me who Terry Fox was, allowing me to feel not only like a good Samaritan, but also a highly knowledgeable one. Yep, a great time.


Traveling to the run was terrible.

I’ve learned that if my wife and I are going to go somewhere, I should get very specific directions.

I did that this time.

My wife looked at the directions and declared “I know exactly where to go.”

MISTAKE: I left the directions at home.

When we got to New York, the subway was a complete mess due to construction, and my wonderful wife realized that she didn’t know where to go.

“Give me the directions,” she said.

MISTAKE: “I thought you said you knew exactly where to go. You don’t?”

She did not.

But I should not have pointed that out.

“Excuse me? This is your run and you can find it on your own! Go ahead.”

Thank goodness, I knew to go North and then East towards a giant park. The sun was still rising, allowing me to find directions.

But one more MISTAKE and I would have walked home.

Husband’s Note: Always — and I mean always — bring directions. Ideally, bring ones that are printed, highlighted, certified and stamped.


3 Responses to “Husband’s Note: Always Bring Directions”

  1. I long for the day when I’m pro enough to avoid those MISTAKEs. I see that day, but it’s a long, long way away.

  2. Also, I can’t believe you managed to work a Star Wars reference into this post. Very impressive.

    • Sometimes I think I work in too many Star Wars references. Then I think, “nah.” As for the MISTAKES, I’d like to think it was possible for me to stop making them, but I’m pretty confident my wonderful wife’s personality requires them of me…

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