Six Step Sandwiches

I’m allowed to make sandwiches, which I think is pretty great.

I’d like to say that my father taught me how to make sandwiches, but I’m afraid I can’t. To him, the ideal sandwich contains any combination of pickles, peanut butter, and banana slices. Gross.

So the six step process I’m about to share is the product of having lived with my wife.

Bernie over at Meals From Mars argues that cooking is about essentials and experimentation. Here are some ingredients that I would argue are essential for a good sandwich:

  • Bread
  • Cold cuts
  • Hot mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pickles
  • Cheese

I know that some people think lettuce is necessary, and if you’re really excited about the upcoming Green Lantern film, you’ll probably include a leaf of lettuce just for the sake of color. I am not that sophisticated in either my comics and color tastes.

Sometimes I’ll substitute horseradish for mustard.

If you’re making a sub sandwich or drinking a beer with your meal, I’d argue that onions are necessary. As for me, I’ll be using 100% whole wheat bread and I usually drink a beer with supper, not lunch.

Six Steps:

  1. Take sandwich ingredients off of your fridge’s sandwich shelf.
  2. Toast bread and heat meat.
  3. Cut cheese and pickle.
  4. Slice 1 – Lay down cheese, then pickles, then heated meat.
  5. Slice 2 – Spread sauces on the second slice.
  6. Clean up your mess.

I’ve gotten to the point that the bread pops out of the toaster just as I finish slicing the cheese and pickles. Timing is everything, unless you’re patient. If you’re patient, timing is less important.

Some of us may have family members that don’t enjoy their bread crust. You can use your knife to crush the crust of your toasted bread, which is also pretty great way to deal with garlic. Soup is also a solution if you love to dunk your food into liquids. If you want to make soup according to my timed method, put it on the burner first and it should be cooked by the time you finish your sandwich.

Those are my six steps to making a sandwich.


6 Responses to “Six Step Sandwiches”

  1. Any chance that chicken salad or tuna salad be involved in your future sandwiches?

  2. Thanks for the nod.

    My favorite sandwich is the day-after-roast sandwich, with roasted red pepper and onion, toasted in the oven with shredded cheese.

    A sandwich truly worthy of tears.

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