Bench Press, Incredible Underpants, Gratitude

My wonderful wife tells me “it’s little pathetic” that going to the gym is the best part of my day. Sometimes my wife is a little harsh, but in this case she’s probably right.

Pathetic or not, I’m standing my ground.

When I lift weights, I find that all the other distractions and complications and worries of life disappear. The only thing I’m required to do is to push, pull, and endure. When I finish a weight routine, I feel self-aware, happy, and hungry.

My weight routine follows this schedule: lower body, shoulders, back, chest, arms. One per day, followed by some form of cardio. I reserve at least one day per week for recovery.

I don’t think I’m alone among men when I admit that my favorite day is Chest Press Day.

After all, everyone cares about the bench press. I’ve never been asked how many sit ups I can do, but I have been asked (told) about push ups. Most guys couldn’t care less about extension when doing bicep curls, but everyone wants to make sure their push ups are deep.

I know it’s ridiculous, but when it’s Chest Press Day, I get ready. I stretch. I focus. I eat more consciously than usual.

This is where it gets pathetic, so I’m going to provide some context.

As a kid, I spent a lot of time watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I don’t remember much about the show anymore, but I do remember that Will Smith had lucky drawers.

Are lucky drawers a ridiculous concept?


But I would bet most guys have a pair.

My lucky drawers are purple and green, and I wear them on Chest Press Day.

(I hope it goes without saying that purple and green are the colors of the Incredible Hulk. He doesn’t make the best films, but he can bench a hell of a lot.)

I’m aware that reserving green and purple underpants for a specific day of the week is pathetic.

My wife told me.

She tells me every week.

Sometimes twice on Chest Press Day.

In Canada, it’s Thanksgiving today.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how weird my wife is, but there’s one thing that I really appreciate about her.

She knows I’m pathetic, but she seems to love me anyway.

For that, I’m grateful.


2 Responses to “Bench Press, Incredible Underpants, Gratitude”

  1. Awwwww! So cute.

    Also, I think the 3-theme-title is working well for you.

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